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Ancient Guatemala

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Guatemala - Central America
Guatemala  is a country in Central America  
Central Park Square in Quetzaltenango - Guatemala
Central Park Square in Quetzaltenango

Banco de Occidente - Guatemala
Banco de Occidente
Castillo de San Felipe de Lara - Guatemala
Castillo de San Felipe de Lara: Cool Little European Style Castle

Tikal Temple V - Guatemala
Tikal Temple V is the name given by archaeologists to
one of the major pyramids at 

Laguna Petenchel - Lake near La Ponderosa, Petén
Laguna Petenchel - Lake near La Ponderosa, Petén
Metropolitan Cathedral - Guatemala
Metropolitan Cathedral

Xetulul - Guatemala
Xetulul is a beautiful award winning theme park known as the best in Central America

Seibal - Guatemala
Seibal, known as El Ceibal in Spanish

Stella at Quirigua - Guatemala
Stella at Quirigua

San Pedro Catholic Church - Guatemala
San Pedro Catholic Church

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