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Norway Picturesque

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Norway is very beautiful country with high mountains and world famous fjords.
Dønnamannen on Dønna - Nordland
Dønnamannen on Dønna - Nordland

Lofoten, Nordland

The port of Oslo
Oslo - The port is located in the centre of Oslo

The island of Norway as seen from above
The island of Norway as seen from above

The island of Lovund
The island of Lovund 
Stormheimfjell and Hamperokken mountains
Stormheimfjell and Hamperokken mountains near Brevikeidet.

Rogaland - Norway
Rogaland is a county in Western Norway

Fjaerland church  - Norway
Fjaerland church 

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  1. A friend of mine recently traveled to Norway and ever since looking at her photos I've wanted to go there myself. It is so beautiful!