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Tourist Attractions in Aruba

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Located 17 miles from the northern coast of Venezuela. Aruba is an island country in the Caribbean. Aruba's beaches are a big attraction, and although its great to spend long days just relaxing on the beach. Much of the seven-mile strip along the west coast is lined with resorts and packed with activity. There are also plenty of opportunities to get to know Aruba's most attractive sights, historical, natural attractions and museums.

Here are top 11 Tourist Attractions in Aruba

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 01. De Palm Island
Tourist Attractions in Aruba

02. Rancho Daimari
Rancho Daimari

03. Alto Vista Chapel
Alto Vista Chapel

04.  Arikok National Park
 Arikok National Park

05. Beaches
Aruba Beaches

06.  Dive Sites
 Aruba Dive Sites

07. Oranjestad
Aruba Oranjestad

08. Boca Prins
Aruba Boca Prins

09. California Dunes and Lighthouse
 California Dunes and Lighthouse Aruba

10.  Natural Pool
Aruba Natural Pool

11. Philip's Animal Garden
Philip's Animal Garden Aruba

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