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The 10 Most Beautiful Places to visit in Israel

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Exotic Israel is a beautiful place to travel and explore. With its diverse landscapes and scenery,  scraggly mountain tops, ranging from desert in the south, to lush green hills in the north, and everything in between can be found in Israel.

Below we've list The 10 Most Beautiful Places to visit in Israel . We hope you'll love them too.
Image credits: Friendly Planet Travel

1. Tel Aviv

The 10 Most Beautiful Places to visit in Israel

2. Jerusalem old city: The capital city of Israel and one of the most sacred places in the world to the threee major religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Jerusalem old city

3. Masada: a desert fortress in the Judean Desert with incredible historical and architectural significance.

Most Beautiful Places to visit in Israel

4. Caesarea: one of Israel’s brightest archaeological gems.

Top Places to visit in Israel

5. Baha’i Gardens and World Center: stunning terraced gardens on the northern slope of Mount Carmel.

Baha’i Gardens and World Center

6. The Dead Sea: the lowest point on Earth.

The Dead Sea

7. Eilat: a resort town on the Red Sea.

Eilat israel resorts

8. Yad Vashem: Israel’s Holocaust Museum.

Yad Vashem: Israel’s Holocaust Museum.

9. Shrine of the Book: home to the famous Dead Sea Scrolls.

Shrine of the Book
10. Beit She’an: a historical gem and one of the most ancient cities in the country that was destroyed by an earthquake in 749 A.D.

Beit She’an, Israel


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  1. I love Israel, its the best country in the world, there is soo much to do so little time….