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Top 10 places to visit in Sweden

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Sweden is an incredible country.  It has a spectacular landscape, incredible cities, the air and water are crystal clean, vast forests and maybe a glimpse of the northern lights.
In many ways Sweden has become a traveler's paradise. Easy transit, friendly residents, with several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, thousands of years of preserved history, make sure you allow plenty of time to enjoy all the outdoor adventures and historic treasures.
Here are the top 10 places to visit in Sweden as reported by VisitSweden.

1) Stockholm is one of the Top 10 Places to visit in Sweden

Stockholm Top Places to visit in Sweden

 2) The Stockholm Archipelago
 Places to visit in Sweden
 3) Gothenburg
Gothenburg / photo: Göran Assner,
4) Malmö
Malmo / photo: Justin-Brown,
5) Marstrand
Marstrand / photo: Goran Assner
6) Skåne
Skane / photo: Måns Fornander,
7) Visby/ Gotland
Visby/ Gotland
Visby / photo: Pelle Sten
 8) IceHotel
ICEHOTEL / photo: Peter Grant,
9) Kosterhavet
Kosterhavets Nationalpark
Kosterhavets Nationalpark / photo: Mikael Almse
10) “Wallander’s Ystad”

Wallander’s Ystad
Ystad / photo: Juanjo Bazán

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