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10 Top Tourist Attractions in Egypt

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Home of the ancient Pharaohs, Egypt is a famous for its ancient civilization, mysterious and historic. With vast tracts of desert, temples, royal tombs, monuments  and the famed Nile River there's something for everyone here. 

With so many amazing places, selecting a definitive Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Egypt

01. Giza Necropolis

Top Tourist Attractions in Egypt
flickr/Tommy Wo
2. Abu Simbel
Abu Simbel
flickr/Mrs Logic
3. Dahab

4. Egyptian Museum 
Egyptian Museum
5. Karnak 
flickr/Mr. Theklan
6. Red Sea Reef 
Red Sea Reef

7. River Nile Cruise
River Nile Cruise
Photo by D’Arcy Vallance
8. Siwa Oasis 
Siwa Oasis

9. Mosque of Ibn Tulun 
Tourist Attractions in Egypt
10. Valley of the Kings 
Valley of the Kings
flickr/Jean-Pierre Dalbera

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