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Tourist Attractions in Barbados

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One of the most well-developed of all the Caribbean and Atlantic Islands, Barbados is a charming island of rich culture, tropical beauty, swaying palm trees and luxury resorts. Many of the tourists who come here are interested in the stunning natural beauty. Feel your spirits soar as you connect with nature and enjoy new experiences.

Here are top 14 Tourist Attractions in Barbados

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01.  Crane Beach
 Tourist Attractions in Barbados

02. Bathsheba

03. Andromeda Botanic Gardens
Andromeda Botanic Gardens

04. Barbados Wildlife Reserve
Barbados Wildlife Reserve

05. Farley Hill National Park
Farley Hill National Park

06.  Flower Forest
Flower Forest

07. Folkestone Marine Park & Museum, Holetown
Folkestone Marine Park & Museum, Holetown

08. Gun Hill Signal Station
Gun Hill Signal Station
Photo by Charlie Dave

09. Harrison's Cave
Harrison's Cave
Photo by Andrea_44

10. Hunte's Gardens
Hunte's Gardens

11. Parliament Buildings
Parliament Buildings

12. St. Nicholas Abbey
St. Nicholas Abbey

13.  Sunbury Plantation
Sunbury Plantation
 Photo by OakleyOriginals

 14. Welchman Hall Gully
Welchman Hall Gully

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