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Tourist Attractions in Martinique

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Martinique is one of the most unique destinations in the Caribbean. Breathtaking natural beauty is Martinique's claim to fame, but no coast offers quite the same scenery.
Martinique offers a seductive mix of impressive landscapes and fascinating history. The island has some lovely beaches as well as dense rain forests, waterfalls, mountains and flamboyant tropical gardens.

Here are Top 14 Tourist Attractions in Martinique

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01. Saint-Pierre
Tourist Attractions in Martinique

 2. Balata Botanical Gardens
Balata Botanical Gardens

3. Caravelle Peninsula
Caravelle Peninsula
4. Ajoupa-Bouillon
5. Diamond Rock
Diamond Rock
6. Fort-de-France
 7.  Grand-Riviere, Martinique
Grand-Riviere, Martinique
 Photo by Jean & Nathalie
 8. Le Carbet
Le Carbet
9. Les Salines
Les Salines
 10. Mount Pelée
Mount Pelée
11. Musée de la Pagerie
Musée de la Pagerie
12. Pointe Du Bout
Pointe Du Bout
Photo by jessyFlash2vie
 13.  Route de la Trace
Route de la Trace
Photo by Gaël Chardon
 14. Sainte-Anne, Martinique
Sainte-Anne, Martinique

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