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Tourist Attractions in Montserrat

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Montserrat – the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean, magnificent Montserrat survives as a somber spectacle of nature's awe-inspiring power. The northern half of the island is untouched, as beautiful as it ever was,  visiting it is perfectly safe.
A visit here would not be complete without exploring the Soufrière Hills volcano, but Montserrat is also blessed with lovely beaches, rich in natural beauty, friendly Montserrat is a haven for those seeking a slow and peaceful slice of tropical island life .

Here are Top 12 Tourist Attractions in Montserrat

Image credits:

01. Little Bay Beach
Tourist Attractions in Montserrat
Photo by David Stanley
02. Woodlands Bay
Woodlands Bay, Montserrat
 Photo by David Stanley

 03.  Soufrière Hills Volcano

Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat

04. Woodlands Bay
Woodlands Bay, Montserrat
Photo by David Stanley

05.  Runaway Ghaut
Runaway Ghaut, Montserrat

06.  Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving, Montserrat

07. Montserrat Volcano Observatory
Montserrat Volcano Observatory

08. Centre Hills
Centre Hills, Montserrat
 Photo by Drew Avery
 09. Montserrat Cultural Centre
Montserrat Cultural Centre
Photo by David Stanley
 10. Montserrat Festivals
Montserrat Festivals

 11. Montserrat Hiking Trails
 Montserrat Hiking Trails
Photo by Dr. Warner
 12. Montserrat National Trust
Montserrat National Trust
 Photo by Christine Warner Hawks

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