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Beautiful places to visit in Patagonia

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 Beautiful places to visit in Patagonia
 Often described as “the end of the world,”  this Southern region of Argentina and Chile is full of surprises.
 Majestic glaciers, jagged mountain peaks,ancient forests and crystalline lakes dominate, these do all belong to Patagonia’s delights.

 Here are 10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Patagonia. Image credits:

01. Cerro Fitzroy

02. Escorial
03. Laguna Torre
Laguna Torre,Patagonia
04. Nahuel Huapi National Park
Nahuel Huapi National Park
 05. Perito Moreno Glacier
 Perito Moreno Glacier
06. Adventure Park Calafate
Adventure Park Calafate
07. Punta Tombo Penguin Reserve
 Punta Tombo Penguin Reserve 08. San Martín de los Andes
San Martín de los Andes
09. Upsala Glacier
 Upsala Glacier
10. Villa La Angostura
 Villa La Angostura

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