Lovely city - Bremen

Bremen -  Germany
The trading city of Germany situated along river Werser, lying to the south of North Sea is a port city. 
The Town Hall of Bremen - Germany
One of the most beautiful and secular gothic buildings and UNESCO's world Heritage, The Town Hall of Bremen is situated in the market place of the Old town. 
Bremen -  Germany
Bremen was once a member of the medieval Hanseatic League and is still one of the most important cities in northern Germany. 

Bremen -  Germany
Bremen is the second most populous city in Northern Germany and tenth in Germany.

Bremen -  Germany
Though Bremen is known for its cultural life, the city is demandingly regulated by commerce as well. 
Bremen -  Germany
Bremen is a center of technology, renowned for its leadership in aircraft construction and space station assembly as well as space propulsion systems. 

Bremen -  Germany
The city-state earned the distinction of being named the “City of Science” in 2005 as demonstrated by the science center “Universum Bremen” and the “EADS Astrium”.

Bremen -  Germany
The city also boasts a rich 1,200-year history that eventually culminated in Bremen's evolution into an independent republic.

Bremen -  Germany

Bremen -  Germany
The city reveals its heritage in the many interesting old buildings that line the streets and the colourful town squares. 

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