Beautiful places in Philippines to visit

For those of you who haven't had the chance to visit the beautiful places in the Philippines. If you are planning to visit one day, this post will be helpful to you.

Philippine is located in Southeast Asia, and it is one of the beautiful country in the world, a large number of tourist come here to see the Philippines beauty.

Here it's a nice list of beautiful places to go in the Philippines:

1. Chocolate Hills, Bohol 

Chocolate Hills, Bohol

Chocolate Hills are another wonderful natural attraction that we have to add to the list of beautiful places in Philippines. 

2. Boracay island

Beautiful places in Philippines

Boracay island is located at the northernmost tip of Panay Island, Aklan Province, in the Visayan region of the Philippines. Approximately 300 kilometer south of Manila. Its long white sand beaches rival the best beaches of more popular destinations such as the Caribbean, the South Pacific as well as neighbouring Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

 3. El Nido, Palawan

El Nido, Palawan

El Nido really is a magical place. From its ageless towering marble cliffs to its white sandy beaches with crystal clear water, many refer to it as paradise.

4. Crater lake, Taal Volcano

Crater lake, Taal Volcano

The large island in Taal Lake is known as Volcano Island It also contains a crater lake. The bright yellow patch on the southwest side of the island marks the site of an explosion crater that formed during a deadly eruption of Taal in 1965

5. Fundacion Pacita, Batanes Island 

Fundacion Pacita, Batanes Island

Fundacion Pacita is one of the best boutique hotels in the Philippines. A Batanes experience is not complete without enjoying the "Wuthering Heights" ambiance of Fundacion Pacita -- it is located on top of a cliff with a 270-degree view of the sea, mountains and the sky. Also, at this time of the year, this is one of the only places where you can feel it's "winter" in a tropical paradise like the Philippines.

6. Panglao island, Bohol

Panglao island, Bohol

Panglao island is the site of Habitat for Humanity's "Tabalong Habitat Village". The village, still under construction, has capacity for 500 houses on land donated by local merchant Alturas. So far, around 200 houses had been built and inhabited. Tabalong Habitat Village is visited by Global Village Teams, international volunteer teams who travel to the area to assist in construction.

7. Rice Terraces Banaue

Rice Terraces Banaue

This 2000 year old Banaue rice terraces has also been recognized as one of the "Eighth Wonder of the World". It is the only man made wonder that is sculpted from earth. In 1995, Banaue Rice terraces has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This spectacular creation has been built mostly by hand and minimal only with the use of equipments which shows Ifugaos great craftsmanship and creativity. It is composed of rice fields to provide themselves a source of livelihood in the highlands.

8. Samal Island, Davao

Beautiful places in Philippines to visit

The Island of Samal, a place of harmony and serenity, it is located at the heart of Davao Gulf. Samal Island is also named as the Island Garden City. This idyllic place has pristine, white beaches, which are true treasures and a part of the island’s infinite beauty.

9. Puerto Galera 

Puerto Galera

Just south of Manila is the charming coastal town of Puerto Galera, well-favored for its gorgeous beaches, excellent diving spots and wide diversity of marine species. The most popular beaches are White Beach and Sabang Beach, which also offer nearby shopping, dining, nightlife and hotel accommodation.

10. Burnham Park Lake, Baguio City

Burnham Park is an urban park located at the heart of the City of Baguio. The Burnham Park is the main tourist attraction in Baguio City. A visit to the Summer Capital would not be complete without going to the lake’s boating area. Photograph by Richard Balonglong

11. San Agustin Church, Manila

San Agustin Church, Manila

If you enjoy sightseeing, Manila will reward you in many ways, but one special must-see is San Agustin Church, Manila, the oldest existing church in the Philippines.

San Agustín Church is the oldest existing church in the Philippines. It is an essential tourist destination in Manila for those who are interested in Philippine history and culture.

12. Cebu City

Cebu City

If the queen is the second most important piece on the chess board next to the king, then Cebu must be the second most important city in the Philippines next to Manila. But considering its many “firsts,” it could very well have been the premier city of the country.

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  1. Awesome!!!!!!! Philippines is really amazing and has many beautiful places that you can visit! One of the best country in the world :D You may also visit: EL Nido, Coron Palawan, Siargao, Boracay, Kawasan Falls !!!!!!!! And many more beaches and falls.You can have Island Hopping also! Awww THE BEST! :))