29 Best Places to Visit in Southeast Asia

Thinking of taking a trip to Southeast Asia?
Southeast Asia boasts world-renowned beaches,  temples, ruins, picturesque towns and natural wonder. The cost of travel is extremely low across the region, travel logistics are easy and the friendly locals and fellow solo travelers.
An overview of the best places to visit in Southeast Asia. Here are 29 Best Places to Visit in Southeast Asia, from Thailand to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and more.
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1. Ko Phi Phi  

2. Ha Long Bay

3. Angkor 

4. Bagan 

5. Bali 

6. Bangkok 

7. Boracay 

8. Chiang Mai 

9. Borobudur 

10.  Gili Islands 

11. Hoi An

12. Ifugao Rice Terraces 

13. Inle Lake 

14. Komodo National Park 

15. Kuala Lumpur 

16. Luang Prabang 

17. Mount Kinabalu 

18. Palawan 

19. Sapa 

20. Perhentian Islands 

21. Phnom Penh 

22. Phuket 

23. Sihanoukville

24. Singapore 

25. Taman Negara 

26. Vang Vieng 

27. Vientiane 

28. Hanoi

29. Yangon 

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