Top 10 tourist attractions in Taiwan

Taiwan is a relatively large island, stretching some 250 miles from top to bottom. Majestic mountains,  beautiful beaches, fantastic hiking trails, fantastic downtown sceneries. and exuberant festivals.
To assist you with your trip planning, here are the top 10 tourist attractions in Taiwan you must visit. Image credits:

01.The Palace Museum of Taipei
Tourist attractions in Taiwan
02. Ximending

03. Yangming Mountain
Yangming Mountain,Taiwan

04. Alishan National Scenic Area
Alishan National Scenic Area,Taiwan
05. Kenting National Park
Kenting National Park,Taiwan
06. Penghu Islands
Penghu Islands,Taiwan
 07.Sun Moon Lake
Sun Moon Lake,Taiwan

08.Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall,Taiwan
09. Taroko National Park
Taroko National Park,Taiwan
 10. Taipei 101
Taipei 101,Taiwan

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