8 tourist attractions in Belarus

Belarus is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe. It is divided into six regions and has many tourist attractions and places of historical importance. Over 40% of the country is forest land, making a Belarus travel ideal for nature-lovers and hikers. You can take a trip back in time at the numerous forts and castles in Belarus, as well as keeping up with the more modern side of things in the buzzing capital city of Minsk. The country also carries a robust military history so tourists can enjoy numerous historical castles as part of their Belarus attractions. Belarus is where one can find as many as four UNESCO World Heritage sites, making them extremely popular points of interest. 

If you’re someone who’s looking for a relaxing vacation away from all the clamor and noise, but with a lot of beautiful nature and history, all for a budget-friendly price, Belarus might just be your best bet.  Here is a list of the major 8 tourist attractions in Belarus for those planning on traveling here anytime soon.


 01. Mir Castle

Mir Castle

Mir Castle is one of the primary places to visit in Belarus. This sample of Gothic architecture was built in the 16th century. Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance influences blend harmoniously to create this World Heritage-listed monument. 

02. Niasviž Palace

Niasviž Palace

The Niasviž Palace is one of the most beautiful castles in Belarus, located only 30 km (18 miles) from the Mir Castle. The palace was built in 1584 and was rebuilt several times over, so its architectural style is very eclectic. Built in the 16th and 17th centuries, and maintained by the Radziwiłł family until 1939, the castle and the nearby Corpus Christi Church were instrumental in the development of Central European and Russian architecture.  The castle is yet another UNESCO world heritage site and it functions today as a National History and Culture Museum.


03. Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park

Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park

Unesco World Heritage Site Belavezhskaya Pushcha National Park is the oldest wildlife refuge in Europe and the pride of Belarus. At the National Park headquarters in Kamyanyuki, 55km north of Brest. This primeval forest spreads across the border between Poland and Belarus, and apart from incredible tall trees and luscious flora all around, the national park is home to large free-roaming mammals, such as bison, elk, wild horses, and wild boar.

04. Braslav Lake

Braslav Lake

Braslaw Lakes is one of the four national parks in Belarus. With the sprawling town of Braslav within its boundaries, this beautiful park of 70,000ha is located close to the border with Latvia, about 250km north of Minsk and slightly less northwest of Vitebsk, through Polotsk along the P14 road. Slowly, the glacier had started to melt, and as it did, it created numerous lakes of irregular shapes and various sizes, a truly beautiful sight to behold. The area also has a unique ecosystem particularly abundant in different bird species, which is why bird watching is a popular pastime in the Braslav Lake Area.


05. Brest Fortress

Brest Fortress

The city of Brest is one of the oldest cities in Belarus, with first mentions of the city dating back to the 11th century as part of Kievan Rus. Brest Fortress is a symbol of heroism and steadfastness of a Soviet soldier in the Great Patriotic War. You will get acquainted with the city of Brest and its main pedestrian Sovetskaya street.


06. Lida


Lida, city, western Belarus. Lida emerged in the 13th century as a fortified point of the Lithuanian duke Gediminas on the border between the principality of Hrodna and the grand duchy of Lithuania. Lida Castle is a unique monument of defensive architecture. The construction of the castle begun in 1323 by the Grand Duke of Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
Today, part of the castle is under restoration, but it is a popular place for knight tournaments, music festivals and ice skating.

07. Polotsk


Polotsk or Polatsk is the oldest town in Belarus. It is situated in the north of the country, in the province of Vitebsk.  It has many popular attractions, including Monument to Heroes of Patriotic War 1812, Belarusian Museum of Typography, Polotsk Museum of Medieval Knighthood, making it well worth a visit. This historic settlement (one of the oldest cities in the whole of eastern Europe) has a beautiful riverside location on the Western Dvina.


08. Minsk Sea

Minsk Sea
Around 5 kilometres away from the city centre of Minsk is the artificial reservoir of called Zaslavi, more popularly known as the Minsk Sea. Glorious sunshine, splash of waves, refreshing wind and feeling of freedom – all that you feel while sailing will give you and your friends unforgettable emotions and impressions. For romantic people the yacht or boat trip will turn into a wonderful journey to the fairy tale full of love and adventure.

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